White Cat - Madame d'Aulnoy - the Supper

 Let's join White Cat eating her supper with the Prince  he is eating a pigeon bisque and she is eating a fat mice bisque. A little further the prince discovers a strange portrait hanging at her paw, and this portrait happens to  look exactly like him....

This a delightful scene of this fairy tale, you will see many more scenes in the upcoming days and weeks of this fairy tale which is Madame d'Aulnoy's most popular story, as it is such a fascinating fairy tale.

"Supper was brought, the bodiless hands waited at table. First two dishes were put on the tables, one of young pigeons and the other of fat mice. The sight of the one prevented the prince from eating the other, imagining that the same cook had prepared them both. But the little cat, guessing by his expression what was passing in his mind, assured him that his kitchen was separate, and that he might eat what was given him without fear of its being rats or mice.
There was no need to repeat it; the prince felt quite sure the beautiful little cat would not deceive him. He was surprised to see that on her paw she wore a miniature. He asked her to show it him, thinking it would be Master Minagrobis. He was astonished to see a young man so handsome that it was scarcely creditable nature could have formed one like him and who resembled him so closely that it would not have been possible to paint his portrait better. She sighed, and becoming more melancholy, remained perfectly silent."

My video about Madame d'Aulnoy and her fairy tales is late... but you will see it on my you tube channel  tomorrow !

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And as easter is almost there I wish you a Happy Easter !(wanted to prepapre an Easter decor video, but couldn't find the time, maybe a spring decor video will come instead ;)

Retrouvons Chatte Blanche en train de souper avec le prince, c'est une scène très amusante de ce conte, c'est aussi l'occasion pour le prince de découvrir le portrait attaché à la patte de Chatte blanche  qui lui ressemble étrangement...

Vous découvrirez d'autres scènes et d'autres chats de ce conte qui est la plus populaire des 25 histoires écrites par Madame D'Aulnoy. Ma vidéo sur cette écrivain et ses contes  sera en ligne dès  demain sur ma chaine You tube.

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