The Hare and the Tortoise - La Fontaine's Fables

The hare has decided to cheat and sit on the Tortoise’s back but nevertheless she is going to win the race.

A weekly vlog sharing more details about this past week in the studio, our crazy heat wave and the differences between Aesop and La Fontaine for this story can be watched below.

This is the first “set” of hare and tortoise, I’m finishing the other one and both will be added to my Etsy Shop tomorrow at 9pm.

Here is an exerpt of Jean de la Fontaine’s Fable translated by Elizur Wright inspired by Aesop. The fable is much longer, you can read it here >>>

To win a race, the swiftness of a dart
Availeth not without a timely start.
The hare and tortoise are my witnesses.
Said tortoise to the swiftest thing that is,
”I’ll bet that you’ll not reach, so soon as I
The tree on yonder hill we spy.”
”So soon! Why, madam, are you frantic?”
Replied the creature, with an antic;
”Pray take, your senses to restore,
A grain or two of hellebore.”
”Say,” said the tortoise, “what you will;
I dare you to the wager still.”
— Jean de La Fontaine-1688

Et voici le premier Lièvre et la Tortue terminés, vous pouvez voir ci dessous un Vlog hebdomadaire assorti, ce lièvre et le plus grand seront ajoutés sur ma boutique Etsy demain mardi à 21h

But vainly does he run;
The race is by the tortoise won.
Cries she, “My senses do I lack?
What boots your boasted swiftness now?
You’re beat! and yet, you must allow,
I bore my house upon my back.”
— Jean de La Fontaine-1668