The Raven and the Fox - Le Corbeau et le Renard

The Raven and the fox is all finished. This scene is inpired by the Fable “The Raven and the fox ” written in the XVIIth century in France by Jean De La Fontaine in his fables published between 1668 and 1694. inspired by Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the crow” ( c. 620 – 564 BCE )

Just found below a nice translation of Jean de La Fontaine’s verses, more beautiful to my taste than the Aesop’s original more simple version .

Perch’d on a lofty oak,
Sir Raven held a lunch of cheese;
Sir Fox, who smelt it in the breeze,
Thus to the holder spoke:─
”Ha! how do you do, Sir Raven?
Well, your coat, sir, is a brave one!
So black and glossy, on my word, sir,
With voice to match, you were a bird, sir,
Well fit to be the Phoenix of these days.”
Sir Raven, overset with praise,
Must show how musical his croak.
Down fell the luncheon from the oak;
Which snatching up, Sir Fox thus spoke:─
”The flatterer, my good sir,
Aye liveth on his listener;
Which lesson, if you please,
Is doubtless worth the cheese.”
A bit too late, Sir Raven swore
The rogue should never cheat him more.
— Fables- Jean De La Fontaine - 1668-translated by Elizur Wright

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By the way, did you know this fable? I’m just curious, are you familiar with La Fontaine or Aesop ‘s fables ? as here everybody know them as we learn the most famous ones during our early years of school.

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