Bonjour ! Happy to see you here ! I'm a Paper Magician. I share my dreams, teach paper magic and techniques, created among other things Dollhouses and carriages these past 15 years .

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My Paper Kingdom is now located in Saint Etienne, France .

I started to draw and create all sort of art when I was about 10 years old and discovered the magic  of paper in my late teenagehood.  I've always loved fairy tales, stories, magic and dreams, the baroque era and Opera.

Paper is a never ending inspiration and joy for me.

These past years  my work has been in display in museums, castles, galleries but now is only available in my online shop.

Credit Photo: Sabine Feliciano - 400 Coups - 2014

Credit Photo: Sabine Feliciano - 400 Coups - 2014





When I am not starting a new character, building a Dollhouse, drawing, whispering some paper spells to my Apprentices Magicians in our secret meetings and in my online Workshops I may be visiting a forgotten Castle or be lost in old fairy tale Books ( which I hunt when I can.)

I especially like XVIIth century fairy tales :Charles Perrault and Madame d'Aulnoy, I've been very often inspired by her White Cat you can see the castle I made in 2011 or the series of characters in 2013 for a book project .



Behind the Curtain

To see more about my Kingdom you can follow my adventures in video on "my Vlogs", they document episode after episode every month, my work in progress, inspiring readings, fairy Tales   and my life as a Paper Magician. you can find them on my You Tube channel. Here is a past episode.

 Sharing the Magic

I started to teach in person workshop with little groups in my little kingdom in Lyon for many years till 2015 and met all my current friends through these classes.

  But Since 2016 I've created Online versions of these workshops sharing what I learned these past 15 years, with a growing community of inspired Apprentice Magicians from all over the globe .

They share the same interest and passions for paper, papier mâché  and fairy tales, some are artists some passionnate crafters some total beginners .


You can learn more about the workshops and meet the apprentice Magicians here.


This is a slice of a bonus given to my Apprentice Magicians who enrolled in the Shoe House Workshop.

If you have read so far....Thank You for your interest!

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If you feel tempted, you can   join my Kingdom .